10 Reasons To Move To Fort Collins

There are so many reasons for moving to Fort Collins so I'll start with some and may continue to add to this comments and suggestions.

The weather! Fort Collins has over 300 days of sunshine each year … take that Seattle! And unlike California, we have a dry heat with very little humidity … take that east coast, Texas and the midwest.

The fun! We are located in a bike friendly town with hundreds of bike lanes for cruising around town or head up into the foothills for bike trails ranging in ability from easy to Oh nooooooo ….. You will find lots of outdoor activities like hiking, biking , camping, cross country skiing, boating, 4-wheeling and much more.

School – Colorado State University is nationally recognized and boasts a top ten veterinarian program along with accredited engineering programs and a business school.

Jobs – HP, Poudre Valley Hospital, Colorado State University are 3 of the top employers but there are also lots of small businesses with a great entrepreneurial spirit buzzing around town.

Restaurants – Literally hundreds of choices to choose from … do you want fine dining, pub grub or family style because we have them all.

Breweries – Need some ale to wash down that food … well stop by the New Belgium Brewery for one of their most beloved beers, Fat Tire. Or you can visit the Budweiser Plant and possibly see the Clydesdales out back … or maybe grab an Easy Street Wheat at Odell's Brewery … but if you want to play pool while drinking then head to Coopersmith's and ask for a cask condition Punjabi Ale – you will fall in love with it.

Arts – The northern Colorado area is alive with art galleries and sculptures everywhere. Be sure to check out the sculpture in Old Town by the fountain … are they flying ducks or geese?
Mountains – They are huge and a great way to navigate because all along the front range the mountains are to the west … that has saved me hours of circling aimlessly hoping to find something that looks familiar … and the great thing is they will always be there when you need them.
75 mph – Wow! We can actually drive 75 on the highway … it's like the Coloautobahn in our own back yard. But watch out for my Mom as she is that person driving 65 in the speed lane and it looks like the Cadillac is driving itself because you can not see the top of her head … make sure to wave hello as you pass by!

Have I mentioned the weather! Not only the 300+ days of sunshine every year but less than 15 inches of rain … did not Seattle get this over one weekend this spring? Also, if you are sufficient enough to live in a south facing house then you can pretty much throw your shovel away because the sun will melt almost any snowstorm within one day.

Many people like myself moved to Colorado because of the winter fun in the mountains but it is the summers that will keep you here. Just make sure to respect mother nature as she is not forgiving and you will absolutely love living in Fort Collins … I was here for school … that was 11 years ago!

Source by Mike Malvey

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