3 Enchanting Must-See Sunsets in Australia

It's an image reminder saying everything that begins always has to end, but every end brings forth new beginnings. Sunsets play a huge symbolism when it comes to the hope that tomorrow's love.

Such breathtaking scenery may be abstract – the change from the hues of the day towards the shades of the night.

However, in whichever part of the world one may be, they're still suspicious to the daylight surrender its brilliance to twilight. Everyone knows that it is not the ultimate end rather a transition towards another chapter, towards another day.

Numerous places around the world can feature a great sunset. But it has been surveyed that some of the most enchanting sunsets are found in Australia. This may be due to its huge size and different coastal aspects. It comes to no wonder that the country's top sunset viewing locations are almost endless.

There are hundreds of amazing places wherein you can bask in the magnificent view of sunsets in Australia. However, there are a fair few that exuded the absolute best of the best qualities which makes them so utterly special.

1. Sunset Sailing at Hervey Bay

People come to Hervey Bay in hopes of discovering what are the best things to do. To their relief, Fraser Island is located just within the area and is packed with numerous day tours.

One of the most popular would have to be their Sunset Sailing Tour. The fusion of pinks and oranges in the horizon along with the ambiance is absolutely breathtaking. One can not simply overlook such a beautiful scene.

They often offer it to couples, along with a bottle of champagne, to assimilate a romantic atmosphere. They also offer it to groups of people who want to appreciate a great sight and a laid back environment.

2. Victoria's Grampians National Park

Sunset by the mountain range is what's highlighted on this spectacular destination. The park has various canyons, gorges, peaks and valleys. These landscapes provide different aspects to immerse in the beauty of rugged Australian bush lands.

The perpendicular size of the ranges of the Gampians makes it so hard to choose a specific location to take in the sunset. However, the most popular spot is undeniably The Balconies.

The Balconies is already a new term as it was previously known as the Jaws of Death. The locales changed it because it has enough visitors to finish the survey. They would not want that first assumption for one of the most amazing destinations in the state.

The path towards the famous spot is also very easy to reach by foot. So, it's not much of a hitched-breathing journey to witness such a wonderful sight.

3. Moreton Island, Queensland

The places in Australia are varied, but when it comes to breathtaking views, Queensland is just home to many. Hervey Bay, the ideal place for sunset sailing, can be found in the Queensland map, but there is more to what it can offer. The state is also home to Moreton Island.

The sunset at Moreton is very feasible because of the presence of a series of boat wrecks found dotting the coastline. Some may find these to be pretty eerie, but the major things that such a sight is just wow-worthy.

Originally, the 15 boat wrecks were purposefully sunk to serve as a break wall for smaller vessels. Over time, they have extended their purpose. The wrecks became popular diving spots and wonderful foregrounds of the sunset.

Whether you're in Hervey Bay or Fraser Island , early evening light will create wonderful contrasts and silhouettes to serve as great subjects for photography.

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