7 Tips For a Cheap Move

What do rental vans, a few days of hard work and cheap self storage all have in common? They're all cost-effective, easy ways to make your relocation to the Miami area easier. Here are 7 tips for making your move a good one – for you and your budget.

1. Cheap Self Storage

Self Storage is a great solution to logical challenges. If you need to be out of your old city by a certain time, or are planning on beginning the process of your move before your new home is ready, cheap self storage can be a great way to manage belongings from point A to point B. Getting a temperature controlled, secure unit can also be a less expensive way to take care of your items until you're ready to move them into a new home.

2. Rental Vans

Instead of hiring an expensive moving company, find a cheap rental company where you can borrow the size of moving van that you need. You'll save on costs and be in control of your move. You'll have to drive yourself, but that can be more secure and convenient.

3. Unpack Yourself

Allot a few days to unpack. This is another cost you can save by not hiring a moving company. You'll also be able to keep track of where you put things and stay organized as you put things away.

4. Get the Fridge

One of the most invisible costs associated with moving might be the constant take-out. When your new home is full of boxes, the selection of Miami restaurants can be pretty tempting. A good way to stay within your budget is to get your kitchen ready right away so you can get groceries and stay in control of food costs.

5. Call Ahead

Call your new utility companies (water, garbage, oil, electricity, etc) to set up service start dates. Ask when you first bills will be due and plan ahead on payments. Make sure the previous owners paid their bills on the utilities until the day you took possession of the new home, so that you will not get saddled with unpaid bills and fees unexpectedly later.

6. Travel Light

If there are items you'll need to buy, wait until you arrive in Miami. Check discount stores and classifieds for deals on furniture and household goods. If there is an incompatibility with your furniture and new home, do not transport the furniture only to unload it once you arrive. Sell ​​before you leave and save on truck space and fuel.

7. Professional Help is Okay

If you need help installing an appliance or unpacking a large item, then get help. Saving costs is only efficient if it is free of hospital visits and broken items. Ask around at work for reliable help-for-hire that coworkers may have used and would recommend.

So, whether it's cheap self storage , shopping for groceries or being will pay for help, there are many ways to make your move to Miami affordable and efficient.

Source by Bruce Peters

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