9-Things To Prep In The Spring – Trailer Boats

As the outside temperature warms up enough its time to
start preparing your boat for the new season

1) First you have to un wrap it this is when you want to
carefully "razors and knives can do damage" remove the
cover or wrapping "these day many people use shrink wrap
for winter storage "

2) Now its time to start de-winterizing charge and
install the battery "it best stored inside for the winter

3) Then start checking the systems onboard inspect the motor
remove any winter covers that may have been installed.

4) Inspect clean or paint the bottom as necessary.
next check or change

a) antifreeze

b) lubes and oils if not done
it the fall "recommended"

5) Install the outdrive if necessary hook up a water adapter
and start the motor let it warm up a little wile

6) after this a tune up is recommended for a good full season
this also may detect unseen problems

7) Inspect the following areas:

a) electronics

b) electric

c) Pumps

d) lights

e) accessories

f) what ever else that may be on your boat

8) clean and wax as necessary.

9) Inspect and test trailer lights, hookups, tires, etc.
These are some of the common things to do in spring
Be shore to check with your marine service technician

Inspect Your boating Safety Gear check for expiration dates or damage
"This is a good time to to evaluate if you have enough life jackets."

Now all should have gone well and your ready for
a successful season, next comes launching your boat.

Source by Rob Seeb

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