Boat Cleaning Franchises

Starting a boat cleaning franchise will require some knowledge on your part. The initial investment for a boat cleaning franchise will vary amongst franchisors; on an average, it will require $ 25000- $ 100000, which is very low compared to other business opportunities. The business is so lucrative that you can achieve "breakeven" within a few months and start making profits by the end of the year.

The business of boat cleaning has been around ever since boats have been around. The demand of boat cleaning services is on a rise, and with the demand, the need for a professional cleaner is rising too. Boat cleaning is one of the easier businesses out there, and the success rate in this business is high too, probably because the competition is not very stiff.

You can earn around $ 50 to $ 150 per hour with your boat cleaning franchise. There is no need for elaborate marketing strategies in the boat cleaning business, and distribution of pamphlets around the marine area and yellow page advertising should get you a lot of clients even when your franchise is relatively new to the market.

A boat cleaning or restoration franchise does not have to be located adjacent to water. Even though being located near will benefit your business very much, your franchise can grow well if you have a lake or river near your base of operations. This is because these areas have a high number of recreational boating activities that require cleaning and maintenance services on a regular basis. Think of being near where the action is.

If you are looking at starting a boat cleaning business, look up the most sought after marinas in your area. See what if any services are working in the area. Buying the franchise of a brand name business lends credibility without having to prove your worth, one job at a time. Beside, you will have the advantage of monetary support in marketing and advertising your business, which most good franchisors provide their franchisees.

How the Market Stands

In 2001, the recreational boating industry was worth $ 25 billion. These figures make it clear that the market for the entire boating industry is much larger and a lot more lucrative with today's leisure lifestyle.

The best states to start a boat cleaning franchise business in would be California, Florida and Michigan. The US Coast Guard estimated that there were 17 million boats in the United States in 2001, with Michigan ranking number one. This figure is almost one million more than the figures for the previous year. A 2006 report placed Florida at the top of the charts in terms of registered boats, followed by California and Michigan.

Looking at these figures should give you a lot of hope if you are looking to invest in a boat cleaning franchise. Before you plunge into the business, it is essential that you do your research, plan out a formidable market strategy and look for a team of cleaners who know their job well. Or you can request information from the internet about "Franchising" from the numerous resources available. Remember that franchising is the best kept secret of the 21st century.

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