Boat Cover Ideas

There are many added expenses to living on a lake. Many of the expenses may be considered luxury items to many people, but they are needed if you are going to enjoy your lake property. My husband and I have always enjoyed spending time at different lakes. We love to fish and take day or weekend trips around the area. We planned to retire by a lake, but we decided to make the move earlier because we found a house and lake shore at a very good price.

We moved at the end of July five years ago. The former owners of our home did not have a dock on the lake. We have a steep bank that leads to the water so we also needed to design some type of step system. We had a carpenter look at the bank and come up with a design that he could do the following spring. My husband also told me that we needed a larger boat in order to safely fish the lake we were living on. The lake is sixty miles around and twenty seven miles across so the waves can become quite large. Along with a larger boat we also needed to invest in boat covers for the new boat as well as the small paddle boat that we bought. We also needed a boat lift to keep the boat out of water when it was down by the dock. One of our new neighbors tried to convince us to put a canopy over the top of the boat lift rather than invest in the boat covers. This seemed like a good idea at first, until we noticed all the bird droppings on the canopies of the surrounding neighbors. The birds liked to perch on the canopies as well as build nests underneath them. We decided that we would buy boat covers. We took the measurements of the two boats to a marine dealer. The boat covers that they had in stock were not very good quality and they were so generic they would not fit very tight on the boats. The marine dealer told us that there were names of several people that made custom boat covers on the bulletin board. We wrote down several of the names and telephone numbers.

We called several of the custom canvas businesses. Most of them were booked with orders ahead of us. The quotes we were giving for the boat covers were very high. My sister-in-law is a wonderful seamstress and I have done some sewing in the past. We decided that we would attempt to make the boat covers. It took us several hours to design a pattern and several more hours to sew the canvas, but we completed very nice, sturdy boat covers.

Source by Dominic Ferrara

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