Boat Safety Tips

Having fun out on the open water is a great way to spend your day, but, without safe practices on your watercraft, serious injuries can result. It is important that everyone on your watercraft is aware of the dangers that exist, as well as how to be safe and avoid injury.

If you are planning a boating trip, you should keep the following safety tips in mind:

– Let someone you know be aware of when you leave and plan to come back so that your absence is obvious if an accident does occur and help can be called

– Injuries often result from falling overboard, so be sure to find a good place on your watercraft that you can hold on to and always wear a flotation device such as a life jacket.

– Boating and heavy drinking is a serious risk as well illegal. Operating a watercraft while inoxicated brings a serious legal penalty and puts you and the rest of the passengers at a much higher risk of injury.

– Follow the open water laws of your state. The laws are there for a reason. You will be much safer by following the law, as well eliminate the chance of legal infraction on the water.

Things You Should Bring on Your Boating Trip

Do not forget to bring these items when you are on a boat:

– Flotation devices such as life jackets

– Flares to alert the Coast Guard in the event of an accident

– A fire extinguisher in case your engine / fuel-tank causes a fire

– First aid kit

– Clean water to prevent dehydration

Accidents to Happen So Be Prepared to Handle Them

It is impossible to prevent accidents on the water from occurring altogether, so take the steps you can to prevent them and be prepared to handle the accidents that are not prevented. If you have the right items and a prepared mind-set, you will be able to act quickly and better help someone who has been injured on a watercraft.

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