Boating With Rover

Two legged sailors are definitely in the major, but the four legged (or more) variety should not be forgotten about. I'm talking about boating with pets of course. For those that share a passion for both boating and being a pet owner, it would be unthinkable to try and separate the two. So, here are a few thoughts on how to make Rover and Rover's owner happy boats.

Pets are not totally different from owners, in that we both like being surrounded by familiar and favorite items. So, bringing a few of your pets favorite toys, sleeping gear, and food to the boat. Be sure to establish a special place on the boat that belongs to your pet, to help them feel as if they belong.

Setting up a safe area outside of the boat where your pet can go, when they do not need to be on the boat, or if the water is a bit rough, and they would feel more comfortable being off the boat.

A small shelf for your pets food dish is a good idea. Elevate it a little off the cabin floor to avoid stubbed toes, and place a find around the edge to keep the food where it belongs.

If your cat's a little clumsy, and there's a chance they could go overboard, they'll need a way to help her get back into the boat. Hanging a piece of carpet over the side should give them something to claw into, and climb backon board.

If your puppy is getting a little odorous on that extended cruise, there are a couple of ways to clean him up. A dingy full of rain water makes a great impromptu bathing tub. Waterless shampoo, grooming powder, or even baking soda sprinkled over their fur and brushed will make do when the rainy season has passed you by.

Pet toileting while boating provides some interesting challenges. Cats with a litter box have a definite advantage over dogs in this category. Just make sure the litter box gets a very frequent cleaning. Some slightly smaller dogs can be trained to use a litter box. That's got to be kinda funny to see. One rather creative boater suggested using a doormat sized piece of that fake plastic grass for your dog. Simply rinse overboard after use. If all this fails, of course there's always the "pee dingy express" for a quick ride to shore.

Source by Chris Campbell

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