Compare Boarding Piers For Your Thames River Boat Party

Choosing a convenient location to board your private charter Thames party boat can be hard when there are so many piers to choose from on the River Thames. You need to ensure that the pier you choose is easy to get to for your guests and that they are familiar with the location of that pier. Embarkation lasts fifteen minutes prior to the time the boat is planned to set sail, which means you must ensure that your guests are on time for a prompt departure. If you would like the boat to remain at the pier for longer then 15minutes then there is an additional adjacent pier charge which varies according to each boat.

If you decide that you would like to embark / disembark in central London then this will provide your guests with easy public transport access in order to reach the pier. Piers such as Embankment, Westminster and Festival are all within walking distance from nearby train and tube stations.

Choosing a pier is also going to affect the route you take and what you see while on your private charter. For example, depending on what boat your charter is on, if you embark at Greenwich then you will not be able to reach further then central London in a 4 hour charter. You also have to be aware that the state of the tide will effect where you can and can not embark / disembark. Certain tidal restrictions mean that although you will be able to embark / disembark at the pier you would like but not at the time you have requested.

If your guests are to driving to the function then you will need to ensure that the pier has local parking facilities. Piers known to have car parks within walking distance and which are reasonably priced are Greenwich, Festival and Butlers Wharf Pier.

Cruising beyond central London is not an option for our larger boats as they are unable to get under the low bridges they meet as they make their way up towards Putney. The piers are often restricted upstream by the tide as it is much lessower in this area of ​​the river.

If any of your guests require disabled facilities then you will need to inquire as to whether or not the pier you have chosen has disabled facilities. Please be aware that not all of the piers on the River Thames have disabled facilities available.

If you decide that during your charter you would like to include an additional pier stop sometimes at a different pier to the one you embark / disembark at then this can be arranged. There could be an additional pier stop fee however and tidal restrictions will need to be checked before hand to ensure that this is accessible.

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