Elements of a Good Wakeboard Rack

For readers who have heard about wakeboarding but are unsure of exactly what it is, wakeboarding simply put is like skateboarding on the water. It is a relatively new extreme sport that makes use of a short and broad "water ski" called a wakeboard. You also need a boat that creates the wake (the waves formed as the boat displaces water while in motion) on which ride the wakeboard. It has become an increasingly popular sport and has inspired innovations in which the sport is introduced by the introduction of new props that help you perform aerial and water stunts and tricks.

One particular innovation is the wakeboarding tower attached to the boats. It originated from a 7-foot ski pylon that wakeboarders used to raise their routes so that they'll have more maneuverability in executing their stunts. This ski pylon transformed into the wakeboarding tower which addition from giving the riders extra height, also provided additional space to hoist the wakeboard racks, speaker systems and tower lighting.

Wakeboard racks are probably one of the most important wakeboarding accessories. Their main purpose is to store and hang the wakeboards and as such, they are compatible with both ski pylon and wakeboarding towers. Like wakeboard towers, these are innovations that cropped up out of necessity. Original wakeboard rack designs were basically black, easily bent and even damaged wakeboards if the cords were not tied well enough.

Thankfully, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's), such as Skylon, Fusion, and Fly High to name a few, designed better and longer-lasting wakeboard racks. Since most boat manufacturers work with OEM manufacturers for their wakeboarding towers and accessories, the standards of each wakeboarding tool, especially that of the wakeboard rack, has become upgraded. Wakeboard racks are now made of aluminum or chrome both for style, durability and easy maintenance. Constant innovation and re-design by OEM's has also removed the rattles and shaking associated with earlier models of wakeboard racks. The quick-releasing mechanism that does not damage the wakeboard has also been perfected. However, bungee cords with stainless steel or aluminum clamps still remain the preferred and most effective clamping system.

Now that you basically have an idea about the function and importance of the wakeboarding rack, you have to know some of the elements involved when choosing a wakeboarding rack. It has to have a modular design so that it can fit with your existing setup without having to buy new racks or upgrading your present system. Easy Installing wakeboard racks will also be less than a headache to assemble into your tower or pylon. The wakeboard racks also need to provide rigidity to prevent shaking and rattling. Price will always come into the picture as original wakeboard racks from OEM's tend to be more expensive, but you can be assured of the quality and durability of their products. Style is based on personal preference so it's your choice whether you like chrome, aluminum, powder-coated or a mirror finish to your wakeboard rack. Some manufacturers even integrate their logo into the design of the rack so that's also a consideration.

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