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Finding reputable brokers to work for may be very discouraging for new agents. Why? Because reputable brokerages only want those agents who are already established. Agents who have their own following, and who can bring something to their table. This is not fair. The new agents have done their homework. And now they are ready to go out in this big competitive world of brokering and put their knowledge to work.

But how can a new agent expect to prove their worth if no one will give them a chance? Did the reputable brokerage not have to start somewhere? How did they get where they are now? And just where would they be today if someone had not given them a chance? They were not born knowing what to do. And they certainly did not grow up without making mistakes. Are the more reputable brokerages so busy that they do not have time for new agents? Or are they just too lazy to fine-tune them? Rather it is finances, strategy, planning or just merely advice, EVERYONE needs a little help along the way. Why should it be any different for new agents? Have the more reputable brokerages gotten so big that they've forgotten where they came from? Do they not remember what it was like when they were new? How did they have to struggle to prove themselves? Did they forget the little gold nuggets that helped them to succeed? Did not someone have to hold their hand for three or four weeks while they got their routine in order? Sure they did.

So again, why should it be any different for the new agents now? What might reputable brokerages do to remedy this injustice? Maybe they could set up a 30-day counseling room to coach them in difficult areas or to instruct the new agents on their procedures. After all, every brokerage has their own way of doing things, as does any business. Another suggestion may be to contract a qualified outside Trainer / Consultant to do the fine-tuning. Do not just discourage a new agent by simply saying "no," especially when there are options. Remember the rewards of giving a little receive a lot. Reputable brokers like any successful business, should, in my opinion, always remember where they came from.

copyright 2008 Sharon D. Martin

Source by Jack C Martin

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