High Speed ​​Boat-Car

Perhaps you have seen the media news footage of the sports car, which turns into a boat when you get onto the water. Indeed this would be a fun car for you, would not it? The most recent boat car was very exotic looking and lots of fun, but the price of $ 200,000 makes one wonder if it matters as few could justify it or afford it for that matter. There are many manufacturers who have designed boat cars and you would have surprised how affordable they really are these days. Here is one we believed would be just perfect and it is made in the USA.


Then there is a research company in CA doing a private industry project with a water skimmer speed boat. This is a slightly different concept but highly worthy of mention.


There are many such projects, which we do not know about as well as some pretty bizarre conspiracy theorists misinformation type information out there.

The actual unit being built is much faster than the specified speed. And it is a lot more capable than ever thought; they are in use now. But the smaller assault style hydrofoil skimmer vehicles are the future like the strike vehicles used now in Baghdad only on the water actually traveling above it. These type of water vehicles have all kinds of uses from transporting seal teams, delivering weapons to enemy ports for blockage or Unmannned Above Water patrols for coastlines or to swim circles around the whole fleet at 50 miles out for additional buffer zone to give information to the Net Centric system guarding those assets in the fleets. Six or seven of these going around in circles and you have a complete out ring safety net, including taking weather, surf, temperature readings. Now then, what if you used the some of this technology and this prototype and set up skimmer skis, which come out as your new boat / car reached speed. If this worked with some armor light-weight armor plating. To me, I think it would be one heck of a fun urban assault vehicle to challenge my friends who driver Hummers. Look out Arnold, we got you covered; HA. You build a car-boat on a chassis of a vehicle like a SmartTruck or Presidential Limo. You could have a amphibious, strike vehicle once you got to the shore. A car, a high speed boat and if you got into serious problems head for the water. From the water to the land you could literally hit the beach at 30kts. On the water at 100+ Knots and then slow down to 50 knots on the water as this boat can do that already. Slow down to 30 knots and drive out of the water and accelerate to 100 knots again.

I know what you are thinking; gimme one. So, I understand your name is Bond; James Bond? Ah; Think about it.

Source by Lance Winslow

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