House Boat River Holidays in Norfolk United Kingdom

A Glorious Holiday

One of the best places to go for a quiet time away is Norfolk in the United Kingdom. This can be a quiet and rejuvenating holiday for you and whoever you choose to take along. This rewarding holiday does not have to be boring as there are a number of activities to partake in but best of all, there is beautiful scenery to get you back in touch with nature and lower your blood pressure. Self hire river boating holidays in areas such as Norfolk, East Anglia are widely recognized as the best way to relax and regroup while getting in touch with nature. If you hire the boat yourself, it will mean that you do not have to share space with other visitors.

The Charm of the UK countryside

Areas such as Norfolk are not what you might call bustling cities. In fact, they are far removed from the busy day to day activity we have grown so accrued to in the city. This is a more rural area where you can leave your troubles behind and relax in the countryside. Do not be surprised when you get there and wonder where all the people are. There are just enough locations and visitors to keep you occupied without inviting your space. You may find yourself going a bit crazy when you see that Norfolk is one of the few places in the United Kingdom that does not even have a motorway! But you will soon grow accustomed to the slower pace and be able to put your feet up for a change. While you are there be sure to find out a bit about the history of the area. This part of the United Kingdom is well known for its many old churches and abundant water-mills dotted along the Norfolk Broads river-ways. You may also be surprised to see how many popular folk singers, young and old, hail from this charming county.

The River Boating Experience

One of the best hiring companies in the local Broads area is Wroxham Boat Hire and they can hire you a boat for between £ 500 and £ 1500 for the whole week. This may seem like a lot of money but the expense is worth the excitation of driving your own river boat. Care to mix fine dining with a quiet cruise down the river? The Norfolk Bistro and Oriental Riverboat Restaurant probably has just the kind of novelty experience that you might enjoy. Why not take a trip down the river and experience all of the family favorites, cooked to perfection while you take in the view.

You could also hire a boat by the day and spend your evenings at one of the luxurious hotels or B & B's nestled in this little town. We recommend bed and breakfast for the full experience of the local hospitality. You will be close enough to town but also able to experience the Broads Rivers in all the natural glory. You can also try the Abercorn Cottage in Church Street for a more family orientated style of accommodation. River boating is very popular in Norfolk and you will find a number of service providers willing to help you enjoy your magical break by the river. Try hopping onto one of the quaint little boat trips available and enjoying the boating experience as much as the journey!

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