How To Take Risks To Create Your Financial Dream Life

Many people dream of becoming rich "one day", others hope to get lucky either by winning the lottery, some ladies' dream is to marry a wealthy man in the intent of helping him spend his money. And there are those who "courageous" enough to lure themselves into illegal affairs believing it's the way to get "rich quick".

Obviously, it is better to make your money the right way, with legal means. But not only is it better, it is also much easier! Not so "quick", though, but much easier. Coming back to the "getting lucky" point, please erase this poor thought from you mind and note this: the rich do not get lucky; the rich create their luck.

To better start your financial freedom journey, you must actively decide where you want to be, say in five years, and work towards it.

Need motivation to get you started?

There must be a few millionaires you know by now (well maybe not personally, but from the news, tabloids, financial newspapers, etc.) and which you admire or wish to be like "in the future". Write down their names – at least three rich people. Start by studying these millionaires, start analyzing them. Google their stories, learn about how they made their first million, why their second or third was easier to make, what their breakthrough was, what mistakes they made, how they handled the mistakes … learn what their path was. There's no better way get inspired and motivated if you really want to be rich. I personally have chosen to learn from Robert Kiyosaki.

When you do this little "task" (if I can call it a task at all), when you learn from their experiences and see how their actions have turned out to be fruitful in the end (their lifestyles today), when you get your inner questions answered by their backgrounds, you'll know you're ready to ascend the heights of prosperity sooner than you expected, because the way forward will be much more clearer. Coming up with a strategic plan for your breakthrough will be much easier.

Since we first have to take that one important next step (be it learning a lesson or two from a specific millionaire, writing down those specific goals – even though we're not sure of how we'll achieve them – coming up with a plan, etc.), and since we're not millionaires (yet!), I am not going to account all (or or rather most) of the key aspects of how millionaires work. But I am going to insist on one thing that unquestionably helps as a bridge to millionairehood: Taking risks. A millionaire mind sees opportunity where a poor mind sees risk. For instance, millionaires borrow money – millions – to grow their businesses and then, turn it into a lot more money. Poor people would rather open a savings or fixed account which in reality earns them peanuts in the name of interest.

What should make you angry and hopefully push you to act, is that the money borrowed by millionaires is the money you worked so hard for and entrusted the bank with. The bank has no money, literally! Without your precious savings, the bank would not have anything to loan to the millionaires-to-be, also known as risk takers or rather: opportunity detectors. And that is how the banks make their money – through interests that they charge on your money, your savings.

This is not to discourage you from keeping your money in the bank, not at all. On the contrary, this is to encourage you act like what millionaires do. Put your money to work for you as well, not just for others.

You can start small, like I did. As you gain more and more confidence – and money, of course – you'll find yourself getting whatever amount you wish, either from the bank or from your business … you'll have options!

Source by Ariane TL

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