Inexpensive Destinations in Thailand

Thailand is flocked by tourists from its neighboring countries and even from as far as Europe because of its rich and unique culture. The hotels are backpacker-friendly and food is cheap which makes it an ideal destination for the practical globetrotter. Here are some more suggestions on the things that tourists can enjoy in Thailand.

1. The Grand Palace is a must-see in Bangkok. The massive ancient complex was the official residence of Thai Kings from 1782 up to 1925. Although it's still known to be the palace grounds, the present royals only use the place for official events and ceremonies. Remember that before entering the sacred places, one may rent scarves and cool Asian pants at the entrance for a small fee.

2. Elephant sanctuaries in Thailand can be seen in almost every city. Should a tourist choose to experience it in Bangkok, the most popular is the Samphran Elephant Farm. One could ride the elephants and feed them. The elephants will also perform dances and stunts to the audience. Perhaps the most amazing part is when the elephants paint a picture.

3. There are a number of floating markets in Thailand and the most popular is the Amphawa. This ancient practice of selling goods using a boat while passing through the village has wormed its way in the modern age and time. One can ride a boat and travel through the river crowded with other boats of fruit and food vendors.

4. Shopping is one of the largest joys in Thailand. The best and cheaper shopping place in the Bangkok is in Pratunam where anything under the sun can be bought at wholesale price. One good tip is that whole sale price is about 40% cheaper than buying a single item; and that three pieces of the same kind is already considered a wholesale quantity.

5. Thai food is incredibly cheap and wonderfully tasty. A hearty meal with four dishes and ample rice can cost a family around 1000 Baht or $ 32. Should one want to experience authentic Thai cuisine, the food centers in the halls will definitely satisfy the palates, the stomach and the budget. The sweetest tropical fruits also abound the streets, sold by vendors at very reasonable prices.

6. If it's the night life you're after, you're in for a party of a lifetime. Khao San Road is an all-night and day party street where tourists mingle with the locals, watch live bands and drink the night away.

Source by Heather J Scott

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