MetaTrader 4 – Find the Broker, Get the Platform

Thinking of downloading a MetaTrader 4 platform? Here’s the first step: look for a broker online. What has a brokerage firm to do with the platform, which basically is a software you can download elsewhere? Read on and you’ll discover the link between the program and the broker, as well as the many advantages of getting it from the latter.

A forex trading platform is merely an avenue for you to be able to participate in this financial market. And a brokerage firm’s main function is to provide this avenue to traders. That is the link between the two. Now you ask, “Why do I need to get it from them?” “Can’t I just download it from anywhere online?”

Preferably, you should get MetaTrader 4 from a brokerage firm. That’s because if you do, you’ll lessen your chances of downloading a copy that’s infected with viruses. Remember that in some websites, especially those that provide free software, the downloadable materials are often user-generated. This means, they are submitted by users. Whether they intend it or not, these users may lead a virus into your computer; the possibility of the file having a malware is always there. Get it from an established firm though and you can be sure the file is clean.

Security issues aside, there’s another reason why you should find brokers online first and then get the platform from them. It’s the customer support. These firms are known to have a team of experts on stand-by to take calls and address inquiries from people who downloaded the forex trading platform from their site. And when you’re just beginning in this trade, you will appreciate having someone to talk to when you encounter problems. Whether technical or related to trading, it’s easier to get answers when you have reliable people you can call or email.

Here’s another good thing about downloading MetaTrader 4 from a brokerage company. That company is likely to offer you a free demo trading account. With this demo account, you’ll be able to get a feel of what it’s like to trade in the financial market. And fret not if you have yet to make your first trade. Worry not too if you fear you’ll lose money fast. That’s because you are only using a demo trading account. You are not yet connected to the actual financial market.

Thinking of getting MetaTrader 4 and testing it out? Then you know the drill: find the broker first then download the platform.

Source by Diane S Warren

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