Offshore Options For Bankruptcy And Those With Poor Credit

If you've had more than your fair share of financial losses and scrapes in life and you've been made bankrupt or you simply have a poor credit history you'll know that being in such a financial position is not only emotionally very difficult and stressful, it can also lead to you living in a catch 22 situation where you can not even establish a new business or get a new business bank account to enable you to trade and rebuild your professional reputation and financial standing.

There are however excellent legal assets offshore for bankrupts and those with poor credit history because although you're bankrupt in one country, that financial label and unfairly associated stigma does not travel outside the borders of the country in which you have been declared.

So, if you're in a position where you want to start a new business or resume contracts where you left off, where you want to open a bank account to receive checks and payments for work undertaken and completed and everywhere you currently turn you ' re faced with closed doors and 'I'm sorry, we can not help you' type rejections, it's time to turn your own back on so called helpful banks and institutions who only ever help those who can already help themselves and look at the offshore world.

First things first you need to know that it is 100% legal for you to go offshore. Secondly here's an example scenario of when you could go offshore and how you could go offshore: –

Example Scenario

You have been declared bankrupt because clients bounced checks on you and failed to pay you for work you had asserted.

You now have a new client base and have orders open for which you will be paid in part up front so giving you the capital you need to get started.

You can no longer be a director of a new company in your home country.

Without a company you can not open a business bank account.

You can not risk using your personal account for these transactions.

Example Solution

You could immediately establish an off-the-shelf company offshore and open an offshore business bank account in the name of the company.

You can use the company to trade through and raise invoices from, you can use the bank account to send and receive payments.

Hey presto you're back up and running!

Just remember that you need to choose a reputable offshore tax that has your clients will not be suspicious of or have black listed in their minds as a location used by 'dodgy' business persons!

Additionally if you use an offshore company incorporation service provider you should be issued with a 100% money back guarantee that if they can not open you an offshore business bank account they refund all monies paid up front to them – because opening an account can be tricky for some service providers and you do not want to be left in the position where you have a company to trade through but no account to receive payments into.

And finally, remember also that by going offshore you can not evade taxation. Where a reporting requirement exists in your own home country you are legally obliged to abide by that reporting requirement.

Source by Rhiannon Williamson

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