Paperless Invoicing – Take the Green Calculator Test

In the fall out of the global recession, businesses are being forced into streamlining their financial processes. The best way to find out how much money you can save on your financial processes and the quantity of resources you can save is to complete the 'Green Calculator'.

It takes into account the materials and energy used in the creation and distribution of a standard paper invoice, three pages long. It will not only calculate and display the approximate carbon footprint (CO2) that you could save, it also presents the quantity of trees, water and solid waste your organization could save each year with green paperless invoicing.

Did you know that an average company sending out 12,000 invoices per month could annually save the following:

• 14.4 tonnes of carbon
• 57.6 trees
• 180,000 liters of water
• 1872kg of solid waste

There are e-invoicing solutions for both Accounts Payable and Accounts Receable processes, with sophisticated, yet easy to use solutions with many unique features and benefits.

Paperless invoicing provides functionality throughout the entire supply chain, from purchase requisition all the way through to payment. Accounts Receivable e-invoicing consolidates invoice data from disparate billing solutions into one manageable location – an ideal service for automating complex billing processes that require additional workflow continuity.

Meanwhile Accounts Payable e-invoicing automates the process and deliveries supplier invoice data directly into your financial systems. It is an ideal service for automating complex billing processes that require additional workflow functionality and bespoke work.

Not only is paperless invoicing an environmentally friendly process, it can realistically cut the cost of end-to-end processing and human resources, including print, delivery, approval, cash management and archiving.

Source by Hayley A Smith

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