Secured Personal Loans

There are many loan providers that give unsecured personal loans to people who have bad credit. Payday advance or cash advance loan providers do a lot of advertisements to attract people. The…

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  1. Hello sir/madam,

    I am kindly requesting for a quick loan worth $40,000 USD to help me purchase land before it is sold to another interested party which I will use to setup an Agricultural business i.e. Coffee, Cocoa, Vanilla and piggery farming.

    I am Florence Nakasujja by names, a Ugandan by nationality residing in Uganda. I am a mother of 4 girls responsible for their health, education and domestic requirements however, I have financial constraints in educating them. I am a hardworking woman and I would like to venture into an agricultural business that requires me to purchase land, construction of a water dam and procurement of irrigation equipment plus other inputs. With the agricultural business to be setup, am sure that I will be able to re-pay the loan and also take care of my family in additional to the monthly salary I earn.

    I will very glad if my request is put into consideration.

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