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"Believe in yourself and you can do anything, just take your time and put your mind to it.

Heart and Soul and do not give up till you get there.

Follow your dreams and go where they lead you.

Success is not as far as it sees ". {Excerpt from the CD Believe in yourself. By Wayne Dunbrack}

People who achieve their goals with great success are just ordinary people who choose to dream big dreams.

Take a leap of faith, start to plan; focus and visualize.

Visualize your goal exactly as you want it to be when it is completed,

Affirm to yourself I am, I can and I will believe in my ability to be successful.

Always remember Noah's Ark was built by amateurs and the Titanic was built by professionals.

Do not procrastinate and miss the boat.

Do not listen to critics.

Keep your eyes on the prize while you continue working towards it. The prize is your success.

When Noah started building the Ark it was not even raining yet.

You will have to ride every storm and climb every mountain until you succeed.

You will experience the best of times and the worst of times.
Times of wisdom and times of foolishness. At times you will want to quit.

Dreams do not come easy. However, when you arrive at your destination, it really is a Divine 'WOW' moment. This moment and the feeling stays with you for life.

Take care, take a leap of faith, believe in yourself and just get started.

Here are a few real, true stories.

1) When I first arrived in Australia I started working for myself by providing a small alteration service including zips, hems and small alterations.

I took a leap of faith and worked hard putting in long hours.

The business soon seemed to take on an energy all of it's own.

Doors were opened for me. Opportunities came to me. Work literally through the door.

It soon developed into a factory with contracts for many local businesses.

A permanent pleating monopoly was acquired manufacturing all the pleated sports skirts for the state schools and sports teams. We also pleated fabric for other manufacturers and bridal shops.

I developed this successful business providing for my family, my extended family and our wonderful staff. All this growth came within five years. Success tastes great. Try it.

2) This story is about the success of an old friend of mine.

Donna became a single mum when her husband died in an accident. Her work was in sales with unrealistic monthly sales targets. The company only paid a small retainer and commission.
Donna worked hard and believed that something better would come along and indeed it did.

Donna came to my home for lunch. She arrived just as the leadlight door, I had ordered, was delivered. Ken, the owner of the business, delivered it, complaining that he could not get good reliable staff. He said "I need a fitter and a sales person. I am doing the work of three people."

So I replied "Donna is a great sales person why do not you give her a try." He did and Donna accepted.

Leadlight became her passion. She absolutely loved the job. Years later, when Ken decided to sell the business, he sold it to Donna and brave her the finance to buy it.

3) Think Big is the affirmation that made twin midgets under 3 feet tall one of the worlds greatest success stories. This is their story.

I attended all of their workshops in 1989.

Life began in an orphanage for these twins until they were adopted by a loving, positive, uplifting older couple who taught them to think big thoughts and dream big dreams.

Years later when they graduated from university they chose real estate as their profession.

Knowing that a successful business must be noticed, they decided to dress identically, drive a huge Pink Cadillac and always work together so that they would always leave an impression and be remembered. I think it worked!

By only selling the most expensive properties that paid BIG commissions, they were able to become the first identical midget twins to become millionaires. They were featured in the Guinness Book of Records. I now believe they are billionaires. They are the Rice Brothers. How great is that?

Everyone, who got to where they are, came from where they were.

MOTIVATION is an internal desire that grows by making a Decision with Direction, Definition, Drive, Diligence, Determination, Persistance and ENTHUSIASM. Desire gets us going. Faith, Belief and Expectancy takes us to where we are going. Imagination turns possibilities into realities.

Always stay focused on the Goal and know where your goal posts are.

Enthusiasm is essential. Enthusiasm comes from the Greek word 'entheos;' 'en' means in and 'theos' means God. Therefore Enthusiasm is Divine Inspiration.
People who are successful are never afraid to fail. They have Faith, Belief and Courage.

The Law of Failure states that you can only fail if you never try to succeed. Be determined and never give up. Try, Try and Try again.

If you follow these principals, without a doubt, you will become successful and an inspiration for others.
The energy and vibration that you have created will positively effect and inspire others to try.

Your goal should always be something that you Love to do.

Love is the most important ingredient of SUCCESS.

With Love and Passion in your goal you will vibrate the energy of success. Without it, your goal echoes of emptiness. If you do not LOVE what you do, you are not living life to the full.
You are only breathing.

Choose goals that you can control.

Sometimes just getting started is the greatest obstacle.To jump in and take that first leap of faith requires great courage.This is why most people choose to buy a business that is already operating.

To start a business from scratch takes extra courage, faith and belief but it is so much more fulfilling.

One of my past businesses was called TOPS {talks on people's skills.} We invited groups of people together who had a desire to start a business but no ideas. We regularly got together for brainstorming sessions. Many small businesses were created and developed from those sessions and it was interactive and great fun. People helping each other by sharing knowledge and ideas.

When we give of our time to help others to succeed we succeed. Why not give it a try.

4) This story is a great inspiration for young mums.

It was one of the success stories created in the TOPS sessions.
Many people who want to start a little business often think that they have nothing to contribute.
Everyone has something to contribute and 'TOPS' was a good way to find it.

A young mum in one of the groups told us that she had no education and had only worked in menial jobs. She was married very young and chose to be a stay at home mum. What could she do?
After a few brainstorming sessions we discovered that her passion was baking cakes. Mostly created for birthdays and special occasions for her family, friends and neighbors. However, she placed no value on it commercially.

We looked for a gimmick and found a way to put a photograph onto the cake, and with a framed photo on the cake board. Here Photographic Cakes was born.

She started small from home and later moved into a shop with several employees. Soon she was making some of the most stunning wedding cakes with a picture of the wedding couple on the cake and a framed photograph in the reception room before the wedding ceremony was finished.

How did they do it?

By brainstorming with intuitive, creative people who really want to help others to succeed. The news of her work spread by word of mouth very quickly.

Use this affirmation for brilliant creative idea's "Good Ideas always come to me."

5) This is an extraordinary story: "Let there be Light."

A third generation stock farmer in Pingelly, West Australia has created a fabulous tourist attraction.
Graeme had a vision to build a large cross on the highest hill on his farm so that it could be seen for miles.

Graeme is a committed Christian who accepted the challenge to build it in his farm workshop.
The 15.5m high, 2.7-tonne steel construction, with each horizontal arm being 4.7m long. Inside the main upright pipe he welded 45 steps for the solar panels to be serviced. When it was finished it was transported to the paddock and errected on the hill by a huge crane from Albany. Graeme's wife Shirley and many people helped and supported him on this project.

At night the solar powered lighting shines brightly and the Cross can be seen for miles across the
Pingelly landscape. I am sure it will continue to shine it's light for at least the next 100 years.

This giant white cross has become a tourist attraction.
Many visitors come in buses.
Easter services have been held there.
Visitors have stated that it has bought them peace.
People are amazed that such a huge project could happen through one man's vision.

Graeme Lange's vision became another extraordinary Success Story.
His vision became a reality through much activity. What an achievement!
Graeme will be truly blessed for his inspiring work. Thank you, Graeme.

We were all born to succeed.

We were born to follow our dreams.

We were born to follow the desires of our heart.

We were born to live in Love.

We are all born to believe in our personal power to achieve whatever we choose to pursue.

There are staggering amounts of opportunities out there in the universe for everyone.

Whatever we think and speak with enthusiasm and persistence, act upon with diligence and a firm
and unwavering faith and belief, will inevitably come to pass.

Noah's Ark may have been built by amateurs but they had great faith and belief that they could achieve it.

When you think of the word ARK think of Acts of Random Kindness. Help others to achieve their dreams.

There is a point to all this dreaming of success.

It may not change the world but it always changes us.

It makes us feel whole. It invigorates our Soul.

Success to me is to learn, to grow and to evolve higher as a better human being.

Learning, Learning, Earning and Growing!

Every idea begins with head knowledge, then it moves down to the Heart and then Love turns it into Passionate Action.

Motivation moves the will to succeed.

When you receive an idea from out of the blue, it has come to you from the great universal storehouse of knowledge and from the wellspring of creativity.

Feed your mind with the expectations of success daily. Mutter 'success' to yourself day and night.
The more you believe it, the more you will conceive it and the more often you will receive success.

Affirmation: "Ideas chase me down the street". I have seen this come to pass many times.

Think of people like Edison and Marconi. Without their passionate dreams and persistence we may have never had the pleasure of electricity or a telephone. What they went through to succeed is unbelievable BUT TRUE. Their dreams were achieved with an ecstasy of the mind and inspiration by a spiritual influence. A belief of being divinely directed. They were driven by a strong emotion of excitation in pursuit of success, with hope and confidence. A substantial liveliness of the imagination and an ardent zeal for the success. They believed their goal to be worth doing.

When we have a yearning to achieve a desired outcome that is intended to bring forth Success, Happiness and Prosperity – Work and Tunnel Vision is required.

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I wish you all Health, Happiness and Success in all you may pursuit.
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