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One day while I was hanging out on the Internet, I stumbled across something very interesting. It took me by surprise and I’m not really sure why. It was nothing scandalous, it was simply the online personals section of my local web portal. What I’ve read on these online personals is what made me pause. I knew I had been out of the dating game for quite a while. I never imagined that they would become so racy.

First of all, there were suddenly a whole lot more ladies participating on these WAP site that I had recalled. I will have to admit that when I was a little bit younger, I enjoy checking out the online personals in hopes of meeting women. Going to the nearest bar and scouting for them felt creepy, and getting a date from one of my classmates was out of the question.

When you are one of the only few nerds in a class filled with quarterbacks and other sporty types, your chances of getting a date are next to nil. That is why I turn to online personals as my means for meeting the ladies.

Truth be told, I actually met some very fine young ladies through the online personals. My first regular girlfriend was someone that I had met through the online personals. She may have been quite a bit older than I was, and come to think of it, quite a bit heavier, but hey, that’s the way it goes.

Another encounter that I had with a woman met through the online personals ended up costing me quite a bit of money. But even which conned me out of it. I should say I allowed myself to be conned. After all, when a girl asks you for your credit card number in the very second online meeting, would you be dumb enough to give it to her? Unfortunately for me, I was. For once it paid off to have a credit card that was pretty much maxed out. In any event I never heard from her again and I appreciate that. As it turned out, it was a small price to pay to get her out of my life.

In any event, getting back to the subject at hand, I was amazed by the openness and lack of scruples shown by these women. Not only were they more open about revealing who they actually were, a few of them actually became pretty explicit and verbalizing exactly what they were after. A far cry from my hey days on the online personals when it was taken for granted that the guys were all looking to get laid and the girls were all looking for the right groom.

It seems as if anything on the online personals is free game at this point. It was kind of interesting. I sure was glad for the openness and opportunities the youngsters were enjoying. I must confess that I felt a little bit of envy that it wasn’t me. So if you do happen to get onto the online personals section of my local portal, see if there is a gopher15 hanging around. It may or may not just be me.

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