Underwater Observatory Marine Park – Eilat

Did you know that the most poisonous frogs in the world live in the fresh waters of the Amazon River? Poison frogs, carnivorous turtles and sparkler-covered piranha fish are among dozens of creatures unique to the Amazon and on display at the Eilat's famous Underwater Observatory. Also featured are baby alligators and a female anaconda snake which is five times longer than the male.

Over the past several decades the Underwater Observatory has developed from a modest (albeit wonderful) Red Sea establishment into one of the world's most exciting marine parks. Beside the Amazon exhibit and the Oceanarium, the park boasts two underwater shelters, a rare fish museum, shark, turtle and stingray pools, and a delightful coral reef tank. Using the park's personal audio guides visitors can match all kinds of living creatures with pictures in a pamphlet, and then listen with wonder to riveting explanations of their habits.

It is hard to leave the Aquarium Museum, which 38 aquariums hold over 500 fascinating species of Red Sea corals, fish, sea sponges and marine invertebrates. Among the most captivating are the stone fish, which look exactly like colored pebbles. Because they are lousy swimmers, they crawl around on pincers. A large dark aquarium features the stunning flashlight fish.

The shark tank is mesmerizing, and it is fun to watch the sharks' constant movement as they breathe oxygen through the water that pours into their gills. One shark, however, does not move at all: the sand shark sets immobile on the ocean floor – looking, for all the world, like a piece of plastic!

Source by Aviva Bar-Am

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