Utter Silence Alone is God – Nothing Else

God created man in his own image and we all know that images are only reflections and not the actual. This means that God is the original, and that all of us are images of that original, mirroring God. The image cannot leap out of the mirror to become that of which it is a reflection. But it is not so for man. Since he is God’s creation, He invested his image with a special ability, but on the condition that this living image will have to cross three doors: that of the body; of the head; and of the heart – to become God Himself. This is the one single assertion of all the Vedas and the Upanishads that “I am He” (Aham Brahmasmi). So these three doors are to be broken open to reach Divinity.

A good body houses a healthy mind. So first do take good care of your body. That is not a very complex thing, you can open it, but the more complex is the head, the mind’s residence, and for this one needs to study the nature of the mind. It is like a chattering monkey – either blaming yourself or blaming someone else, either complaining, “I am no good,” or complaining that someone else is no good. Do you see that? At any given time the mind is vacillating: it’s angry about someone else or about yourself, or it is angry about the past, regretting the past, or anxious about the future.

The mind and the heart do not work in the same direction. The mind does not like simple things; it wants to complicate everything. And in doing that the mind does not allow the heart to be innocent, simple and natural. But the heart is opposite of that. Heart is simple, natural and innocent. Your heart cannot find fault with anyone. In fact it cannot even find fault in you, because when the heart is dissolved, it has opened itself to infinity, to the divine. If your heart is fully opened, you cannot find fault with anyone because you will find everyone as part of yourself.

When this ability of ours to be ourselves is unutilized, then our mind is in constant complaint. There are only two choices: either we can be grumbling in the mind or we can be grateful. There is nothing in between. We have to choose either one or the other. When we are grateful, no grumbling is possible. When we are grumbling, obviously we cannot be grateful. And a grumbling mind can grumble in any situation.

When God created man, man went to him for every small little thing, asking him for favours, complaining to him about everything. Man would pray for God to come. If God came, he would say, “Don’t come now, come later. You have come too soon”. If God didn’t come, he would complain, “I have called you so many times and you have come so late”. God grew really tired of this. He wanted to go and hide somewhere, but that was not easily done. He knew that man would go to the moon and find him.

At this point God met a wise man. The wise man whispered in God’s ear, “Hide in the heart of man. That is where he never goes”. Since that day, God has hidden in the heart of man. Anyone who goes there will not be able to complain. All complaints will drop away. One person here and there among a million goes to his own heart and finds God. And when a person finds God in his own heart, he has no complaints.

We worship the past. We have all praise for the past, the glorious past. Or, glorify something far away distant, something we cannot reach. The mind feels comfortable with ideals and things far away. When man’s sight goes far away into the future or into the past, he fails to recognize the Divine here, now, in the present, in his own heart.

We think that at some time in the future when we are dead and gone, then we will meet God. No. God has to be realized in one’s heart. For this one has to know the language of the heart. And the language of the heart is Silence.

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Source by Bhaskar Banerjee

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