Waterproof Marine GPS System – Use It In Your Truck And Boat

For tracking water fowl or fish, nothing beats a waterproof marine gps system. A waterproof marine gps system usually come preprogrammed with a detail-rich marine category area specific and ready to use out of the box. Some, called a chartplotter, use the WAAS satellites technology in addition to the BlueChart g2 technology. There are many mid-range waterproof marine gps units which are 'plug in and ready' which most fisherman are looking for. These marine gps units are loaded with mostly United States coastlines, including Alaska and Hawaii. Most have an approx 5 "tall color display screen and can serve as a standard plotter or together with other MFDs and sensors to broadcast XM weather, radar and sonar. easy scrolling, zooming and planning. There is now a choice between the 'mariner's-eye-view' of 3D and the traditional 2D direct overhead view to make orientation and chart reading easier.

To be able to find a fish is nothing to a fisherman, he or she wants to find their feeding ground so they can catch more than one of them! Knowing the contours of the bottom of the lake will help you predict where those feeding grounds are and a waterproof marine gps system will help you do just that. One thing to remember is the lines on the gps unit show where depth changes, from the shoreline to the deepest part of the lake. When the water is warmest, fish stick to gentile slopes and when the weather is colder, they will be found in sharp changes in depth. Using a portable or handheld gps device will help you see exactly where you are on the lake making the job of finding the fish easier. And when you are ready to return to the shore, the marine gps works like a regular gps tracking device and takes you back to your starting point.

Older maps can become outdated with the blink of an eye. One storm changes the bottom of the lake or ocean and you can no longer find what you are looking for. This is one of the reasons a marine gps system is a good idea. If you end up lost on the lake or at sea, your waterproof marine gps system acts as a homing device, sending a signal out to alert search and rescue teams of your latitude and longitude, even in danger, thick fog, rescue workers will still be able to find you. Some of the more popular models of marine gps systems feature tide data and celestial charts offer information on water situation and most favorable fishing times.

One of the larger waterproof marine gps systems is a 5 "bright screen which comes with preloaded maps of the Untied States inland lakes and simple, straightforward menus and buttons. Over 300 of these lakes have been enhanced with extra inn vision features. This is a 3D mariner's eye or fish eyes view that provides you with a 3-dementional perspective of the map's information both above and below the surface.

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