What is GPS Navigation

Global Positioning System (GPS) is a widely known system that uses satellite signals to trace the location and position of vehicles on earth. Formerly developed by the US Department of Defense, today it is a common feature in mobile devices and cars, which include a GPS navigation system to receive data that maps blocks of a city.

GPS navigation is a special feature providing you with 24-hour three-dimensional position information, including velocity, time, and traffic conditions in the area where your vehicle is located, being capable to go ahead on the road or any other place covered by the satellite-based positioning system.

This technology was first introduced to citizens through experimental Japanese cars. Today, it is a common feature available in GPS-enabled automobiles worldwide, although not all the cars include this unit. However, add-in car GPS Satellite Navigation is as easy as purchasing the hardware and very easy mapping software that provides information at street level accurately.

In-car navigation units have costs ranging from $ 350 to $ 1000 on average and include a series of functions such as pre-loaded maps, voice-guided directions, door-to-door navigation, and rechargeable battery. The advantage with these units is that they do not require a PC connection to work.

Although, if you are carrying a laptop or another compatible portable device, such as PDAs. PCMCIA GPS cards enable this feature in your system at a lower price, usually between $ 100 and $ 300. PCMCIA units have a lower power consumption and external active antenna with a connector port in addition to its high sensitive receivers.

When it comes to GPS navigation, remember that most smartphones and other wireless devices are also compatible with this technology. In fact, a large number of them include built-in GPS Navigation, although driving and consulting a handset is not as practical as having a GPS unit installed on your car.

New cars often come with GPS navigation units installed by the manufacturer. Other car models, old or new, do not include this benefit, but you can add it by purchasing the unit with your car dealer, at auto parts shops or other stores specialized in computer systems, or conveniently through the Internet.

Purchasing a GPS navigation unit requires a little research to become familiar with the different brands and functionality that each one offers to drivers. Among the top Car GPS navigation systems, the Garmin Nuvi 660 is one of a kind, but also one of the most expensive.

The Garmin Nuvi 660 provides you with all the navigation functions that you may require while driving anywhere in the world, but also PC and mobile device connectivity via Bluetooth, the reason this option is considered a good investment.

Other portable navigation systems are sold at more affordable prices, and depending on the level of mapping and functions their cost vary. Among the most popular GPS navigation units, we can mention the TomTom One, TomTom GO 910, the Magellan RoadMate 2200T, and the HP iPaq rx5900 Travel Companion.

Mentioning separately, the Navman F20 describes to be noted since it is a very good portable GPS navigation unit, which is also one of the most affordable systems on the market, with prices ranging from $ 250 to $ 400 according to a popular online price comparison tool.

This device is also one of the most reliable, intuitive and accurate among others intended for first-time car buyers or people with no previous experience using GPS navigation systems.

There are many other GPS navigation systems and most of them are shipped with a vehicle mount, making it easier to take a peek at the map without the need to stop driving. As prices increase while browsing the different models, you will find that many costs units offer more benefits and durability, including voice guidance.

GPS Navigation is special but not a superfluous investment, if you do not need driving directions, the system is always useful to track where you are, find streets names, or avoid a traffic jam while saving you money and time.

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