What to Consider When Buying a Radio Controlled Boat

Radio controlled boats are a fun and rewarding hobby, that could be ether relaxing or exhilarating depending on your needs. Best of all it doesn’t have to be very expensive. RC boats come in a wide variety of forms and types ranging from small and steady cruisers to lightning fact racers. You can either buy one already built or you can buy it in the kit form and assemble it yourself.

Buying a ready build radio controlled boat is by far the easiest option. But building your own boat can be much more satisfying. This decision is dependent on your reasons for taking up radio controlled boats as a hobby in the first place. It is easy to find all of your RC boat parts either on the internet or at your local RC hobby store. You may be worried about the amount of work involved or think that it will be to hard to get a good result, but in the end you will be glad that you put in the effort, after all this is a hobby and what’s the point in finishing it in 5 minutes? Anyway these RC boats come pretty comprehensive instructions that make it real simple to achieve a great result in next to no time.

The next decision you need to make is what type or radio controlled boat would you like.

Radio controlled boats are built in electric, nitro, and gas variants. Electric RC boats, Nitro RC boats and Gas

Electric are more popular because they are cheep and easier to run strait out of the box. Electric radio controlled boats come in a number of sizes, from the very small and slow pool toy RC boats to the very fast medium sized RC boat. The main problem with the electric boats is that as the batteries loose power the boat become slower.

Nitro boats utilize Nitro-Methane fuel which is very powerful and makes for a fast boat, but the main problems with Nitro powered radio controlled boats are that the are a little more complicated to run as you will need to use a special starter kit to get them going and the fuel is about 4 times the price of a gas boat.

Gas radio controlled boats run on regular car gas with oil combined in the fuel. Also known as 2 stoke fuel. These engines are larger than the other types and therefore need a larger hulled boat to accommodate the engine. With the larger hull comes some advantages such as a more stable and easier to handle craft and mixed with the cheaper fuel, makes the gas RC boat (in my opinion) the best of the three types of radio controlled boat.

Then there is the radio controlled sail boat.

The radio controlled sail boat is the ultimate RC boat if you are looking for relaxation or stress relief. The radio control is there to control the sails and the rudder and naturally the wind acts as the engine.

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