Why You Should Vacation in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The majority of us have heard of Puerto Vallarta and it may bring images to our minds of scenic scenes and exotic travels. Perhaps we do not overlook that this was where the Love Boat made a stop once 7 days. But there might be a question as to what attractions and activities can be found in this coastal Mexican city.

Puerto Vallarta is located on the West Coast of Mexico, south of the Baja Peninsula. The weather all year round is pleasurable and the prices is low, which appear to be why over 20,000 US citizens own vacation homes there.

Puerto Vallarta appear to be best know as the location for the 1963 movie "Night of the Iguana" starring Richard Burton and Ava Gardner. Actually, the majority of it was filmed some minutes drive down the coast in Mismayola, but walking tours can point out buildings in town where Burton stayed and had his affair (or one of his marriages with Elizabeth Taylor. – Who can keep track?) The US media has a great deal of attention to the couple and to all the interfering amongst director John Huston and the film's stars and the publicity put Puerto Vallarta on the map. Today, most bus and strolling tours will make some mention of the film and point out applicable sights of concern.

While there are so many reasons to visit Puerto Vallarta, it is the gorgeous beach locations that lure the majority of people to return time and time again. Puerto Vallarta sits on 25 miles of beach locations within Banderas Bay, Mexico's largest bay. Being located on the bay is what opens the opportunity of so many different types of aquatic events and activities. The large marina is home to an abundant population of sports fishing boats. The majority of the boats can be chartered to take you to any of the hottest fishing spots, where you can try your hand at wrestling one of the large fish the area of ​​is known for.

Another popular activity is to take a tour out to the island of Yelapa as far as possible seem to step back soon enough and see small village life as it still exists in Mexico. As well as tours, there are many programs available for swimming with dolphins, a popular resort town activity that has increased tremendously in recent years. Whale watching has also grown into huge business in Puerto Vallarta.

Most resorts are situated right on the water and give all sorts of activities, like windsurfing, snorkeling, and kayaking. Naturally, you could just like to hunker down under a palm tree with your favorite adult beverage and shop from all the roving vendors that carry their wares up and down the beach.

But if lying on the beach all day drinking and shopping takes a bit mundane, you might feel the have to hit the links. The're several championship quality golf courses in the immediate Puerto Vallarta area of. Clubs and shoes are for sale to rent, so do not worry if you did not bring any of your own equipment available.

For a tropical getaway, a cottage vacation, or an adventure filled trip, you can bet that you will discover something fun to do in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Source by Phillip Whitfield

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