Windshields and More – Your Guide to Boat Windshields

Boat windshields are thick and thermal-coated glass windows installed in front of boats, used in protecting passengers from the wind, water, and the sun’s harmful UV rays. However, boat windshields are not permanent. They may break when met with powerful impacts like those made by solid rocks, tidal waves, and icebergs.

Kinds available

The boat windshield you choose just depends on what you prefer. Some of the boat windshields available to you, though, are the flat glass and curved glass types. A flat glass boat windshield is preferred by a lot of boaters because it offers clearer views of the water as it does not distort perspectives. A curved glass boat windshield, on the other hand, features strategic curves. Most flat glass types use aircraft-grade glass, while the curved glass types rely on fiberglass. Either way, both types are very durable.

How to buy

Here are a few things for you to consider when shopping around for a boat windshield:

Wipers – much like your car, a boat’s windshield needs to deflect rain or water and other objects that may get stuck. As such, you’re going to need heavy-duty windshield wipers to get the job done.

Tension areas – Look for a boat windshield that comes with heavy-duty pellets in the tension areas. In particular, avoid those that use nickel sulfide pellets since those can crack the windshield’s molten glass then there is contact with stainless steel.

Compression layer – It’s natural for small cracks get bigger over time. However, opting for a boat windshield that has a thick-enough compression layer surface will prevent small cracks from worsening. The longer cracks don’t show, the longer you won’t have to change your windshield which saves you money.

A quick tip

Take the time to clean your boat’s windshields. Regular maintenance not only ensures that your windshields are always looking great but that they also last longer even under the worst conditions.

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